UNH-CS Open House

CARL regularly hosts visitors for UNH-CS open house. Our members demonstrate ongoing projects with potential UNH CS students and their parents.

Summer Workshop for Elementary School Girls

We offer a one-day summer workshop to elementary school girls. We shows participants, through demonstrations of existing lab projects, how robotics can make a different  in the well-being of humans. Participants are then introduced to a few programming concepts (e.g. loop, if-else). They get to implement these concepts using Choreograph and test it on Gadget, our NAO humanoid robot.

Workshop 2018: CARL members with the participants.

Workshop 2017: [top] Participants are testing their codes, [bottom] A CARL member is explaining how robots can assist people.

 Robotics Projects Demonstration for CS 400

We show demonstrations of our research projects to the freshman of CS 400. We believe this enables Computer Science freshman  to see a more applied aspect of Computer Science and how that can directly benefit the well-being of humans. We also routinely demo our work to UNH  alumni and interested visitors to UNH.

UNH CS Alumni visit, 2016


CS 400 students visit, 2017